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    Seeking Ride i20 Texas >>> Grand Island Nobrascuz

    I have a stupid possession of a deadly weapon court date Feb 4 in Grand Island, Nebraska. I know that sounds like a huge red flag but if it were I likely wouldn't start out that way xD They really took me to jail for a sheathed knife over the size limit though, it's some BS. Anyway, I bonded...
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    Indiana Honey Holes?

    I always do well in Gary. Bloomington is okay once you get out of cracktown. But definitely check out broad ripple when you get to indy, it's one of my favorite all time places to chill. The busking is great on the weekend but the place is vibin' yo anytime. If you hang out for awhile you'll...
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    Currency Conspiracy Spotlight

    I'd say that seems pretty accurate. What blows me is that nobody has ever noticed that the majority of the bills in their pockets are 2013 or 2009
  4. Toadandspur

    Ride Offered Trucker and Scottie seek travelling companions.

    Ah. Yeah it's me and my girl. In London shooting for knoxville.
  5. Toadandspur

    Ride Offered Trucker and Scottie seek travelling companions.

    I We are in eastern kentucky! Shooting for charlotte via knoxville and asheville. Currently in London on i75.
  6. Toadandspur

    I'm all alone and scared.

    Jump on the commuter train. The slc public trans goes from Ogden down to slc and then all the way to provo I think. I've ridden it every time I'm ever there to get closer or get out, and I've never paid for it. Never any trouble, either. Youll find it easier to get a ride wherever at a truckstop...
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    Currency Conspiracy Spotlight

    The problem lies in the ever increasing inflation that will never stop. Minimum wage will be forced to increase. Exasperating the problem; housing costs go through the roof across the board...essentially by printing mass amounts of currency like this your dollars become worth less and less. How...
  8. Toadandspur

    Currency Conspiracy Spotlight

    Yes. Except that the total bills non-2013 was 7. The total bills equaling 175 was something like 50. I plan on doing the same experiment when I get a ride tomorrow and find a good spot. Somewhere between London and knoxville on the 75. Just today though I've checked my change from this gs I've...
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    Currency Conspiracy Spotlight

    We were counting our spange at the end of a good day and had, since early that morning, noticed an unusual amount of 3's and 33's in numbers that had appeared to us. So we continued the paranoia and checked the dates on our bills. The data was goosebump worthy, because obviously there is SOME...
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    Currency Conspiracy Spotlight

    This is an attempt at spotlighting an American currency conspiracy. The government never told you it created an influx of cash into society to boost morale and save it's dwindling construct of a "for the people" facade. It was 2013, and things weren't looking very good. The government shut...
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    Walking shoe recommendations?

    I know you can also force dumpster pricey good boots like that too. My homie cassidy goes in and razor blades the tops of the shoes and then the store tosses them. Leather patch if need be. We used to do the same thing with good ass dogfood at petco..
  12. Toadandspur

    Walking shoe recommendations?

    My absolute favorite boots are the USair Force Desert Storm issue hightops..i find them at military surplus stores and thrift stores for usually 25-50 bucks amd theyre guaranteed to last over a year, walking 10 ish miles a day, through amy and all terrain. Waterproof to about 4 inches up, then...
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    Suggestion Editing/removing your content from StP

    I think in certain circumstances, things could be up for removal, such as information that has changed or when a job is no longer available? I just recently dealt with that, got some backlash from the ranch owner regarding a post for trimwork: After he got his workers (both pairs from the post-...
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    **update** the work needs are met. I'd delete the post but I cant figure out how.

    **update** Thanks guys for the responses; Got word from Kenny that he has been in contact with several people referred to him by this post, so I can only imagine some of you have been in touch with him. He has the work covered now with what looks like a pair of couples coming down from the...
  15. Toadandspur

    **update** the work needs are met. I'd delete the post but I cant figure out how.

    Yeah he's pretty willing to work with people. I've worked for him before when we had little to no help and we put new guys and gals on. @Jackthereaper is pretty spot on>>it's easy to learn; not much to it really. You just get stoned and shear leaves off the flowers, save all your clippings, and...

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