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    new / hopped first train

    Hey, I’m new also. That’s cool that you took the leap. Welcome!
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    Experiencedish traveler lookingfor a new friend to hit the road with

    Based on this we should chat and see if we’re going to some similar places. I read constantly, listen to audio books when I drive, if not music.
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    Volunteers Needed For Jamboree 2018

    Do we have anyone set to haul garbage out? If I recall there’s a dump off the road back into town, but would be easier to make a daily pickup truck run than have everyone haul their own, and might keep folks from leaving more trash out there.
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    What is your guys sketchiest experience on the road?

    A few... 1) Stranded in the Arizona desert, no rides, no cash. Supposed to get down to 30deg that night and we (my buddy and I) had no camping gear at all, we were in t-shirts. I call the cops on us ‘cause I figure a night in the tank beats freezing to death. Cop takes us to a homeless...
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    Volunteers Needed For Jamboree 2018

    I intend to be there with a pickup truck and can help out with town runs (if people want to ride in the bed), firewood, etc. What part of slabs are people going to be around? Library?
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    Greetings, future friends.

    Thanks! I got pretty lucky on mode of travel, at least to start. I got a small travel trailer and was able to swing an old Dodge truck to haul it, so I’ll have it pretty lux, at least to start. The downside is that fuel cost is going to be a bitch. I’m hoping to offset that at least a little...
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    Bridging monogamy & polyamory to rapid moving on for more emotional travelers

    Whenever I find myself struggling with the kind of stuff you’re talking about, It’s usually because I’m (if I’m being honest with myself) trying to pound a relationship with someone into a shape it isn’t growing into naturally, or the other person(s) are doing so. Simplest example, say I’m...
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    Greetings, future friends.

    I’m always at a bit of a loss how to introduce or describe myself. I’m basically a pretty mellow guy, generally friendly but I like my space, too. I read a lot, fiction, military history, anything interesting, really. I love chess, skill games in general, adventures of all kinds. I’m...
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    Getting ready to be indefinitely on the road.

    Getting ready to be indefinitely on the road.