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    Best Rides Gotten at the Crack of Dawn

    I've hitchhiked about 50,000 miles in the 80s. USA, Canada, Europe and I usually got the longest friendliest rides at daybreak. I guess all the perverts and criminals are home or passed out and the optimists I surmise are out to start the day. The worst time was in the afternoon when people are...
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    The Bizarre Houseboats of Britain

    posted a link but did not show up
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    The Bizarre Houseboats of Britain

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    Saddlebunch Keys near Key West

    Never camp down there from June to October the mosquitoes will eat you alive!...Nov to May is good. I used to camp/squat down there in the 80s..but would like to again..the bike trail covers a lot of the bridges...... Key West can be heaven or Hell depending whether She [Key West], blesses you...
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    Featured Photos Video Riding La Bestia through Mexico

    Wow....Well written...i read tons of books and you have the gift!
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    Saddlebunch Keys near Key West

    Has anyone tried squat/camping on Saddlebunch Keys? YOu can ride the bike trail form Key West to there. Old State Rd 4A/ 939A goes on for 5miles from Sugarloaf Key along the ocean side. Seems pretty empty ....just perfect to hang and camp If things go my way I want to take my bike down there to...
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    Photos Lets see those bikes!

    Raleigh Route 1..10 years old @ 20,000 miles Just about replaced every component 3x. Biking keeps me feeling alive!
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    Photos Great Air Matress for Bike Camping

    oops posted this by mistake
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    Are you bikecore?

    Hell yea ..bikes keep you young and strong....I'm 64 and still do 50-80 mile days. Can't wait for warmer weather. Once my dear 20 year old cat passes away, I'll miss her, but then I will take some long trips. First will be the Adirondacks I want to wander and sleep outside again. My favorite...
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    Traveling the 101

    101 in Oregon is a magical road! I had the best hitch hike of my life on 101.
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    my forced retirement from being a vagabond

    same thing happened to me when I was 40...I let a bad filling go and ended up paying about $4000 for dental....Now I'm 64 and still having problems...even if you can get medicaid it only covers cleaning, pulling, and sucks when you get yer wings clipped
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    Key West, FL

    here is the Big Coppit Key squat good luck
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    Key West, FL

    here is a map to the squat
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    Key West, FL

    It's been a 1000 years since I squatted in the Keys [1979-83] but although it's always changing down there, some things remain surprisingly the same. GET a bicycle first off. You can camp out till May and then the mosquitoes will devour you. Try to find a boat to babysit or squat in for summer...
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    Why you DONT want to be a Gypsy (from meeting the real gypos.)

    I always liked "vagabond" rather than "gypsy".