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    Are you gonna be in CA for the fall?

    Are you gonna be in CA for the fall?
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    The Whistle Blower

    He's the one that wrote that zine? I've been wondering about this guy too, after seeing his tag EVERY FUCKING WHERE along the Black Butte-PDX run. And then a month or two ago his tag even appeared on the side of the bowling alley in my home-area (Burney, CA).
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    gogol bordello

    Young thread, I get to be the first to post Blackbird Raum: As far as math rock goes, you might have heard of them already but Battles is great:
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    DIY Documentaries / No Budget Films

    This blog- -Has a pretty big selection of various social and political documentaries, and also some nature docs apparently? Haven't looked through it too much but it seems like a good resource.
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    We never did eat that duck.

    Portland: "This is our train!" Jarred said excitedly as he clapped his phone closed. Calling in the number confirmed it was headed to Roseville. We had been waiting at the north Albina yard since 4 that afternoon, watching the yard dog unit push lumber around. We loaded our packs on a...
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    Blackbird Raum, Santa Cruz March 25

    Might try to be there, Also, iamwhatiam, where did you see them in AK last summer? I saw their first show of the tour in Homer...
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    Shameless Self Promotion... Free Music!

    So my bluegrass/jug-punk/whathaveyou band played a winter party at the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture and not only had a great time playing in the old wooden boxcar, we also got our whole set recorded. I finally got the files last week and took the time to pick out the best songs and...
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    ?Which boot is "your" friend on the steel?

    I have the issue of having really wide feet; the best boots I can find are usually 4E or higher. I had a pair of 2E danner hikers that lasted a couple years before the stitches came apart and the soles wore down. Two years ago I got some of these New Balances that come in 4E, and they've held up...
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    A belated hello!

    I've always been coastal, Homer pretty much being my newfound hometown, wherever in the world I am. I am interested in getting into the interior sometime; seeing Denali and visiting Fairbanks. Maybe next summer.
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    A belated hello!

    Hey all, I'm George, from and currently residing in northern California, just northeast of Redding. I joined last spring, lurked around for a while, made a few posts, and then escaped to Alaska for the second summer in a row, to work on a boat. If you've never been to AK during the summer I...
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    When I get to hell, I'll ride there too.

    Christ, really great stuff. Hope you follow up soon!
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    A night with the Broderick building - Detroit Michigan

    Great stuff! The kind of story-illustrating photography I love.
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    Hey... I'm Tara. And I'm awesome && from Charlotte, NC

    So do you pronounce your name like "Terra" or "Tara?" I've met several people recently with the same spelling but their either-or...
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    hey, hi, hello! i'm katie and i'm a genderqueer anarchist!

    Whoa, great music. If you ever make it out to the west coast or up to AK during the summer, I could show ya around.