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    Suggestions for East Bay/SF

    If your looking for Track Racing try Hellyer Park in San Jose. NorCal Velodrome Association ~ Home Page
  2. The Cheshire

    awwwww my anus

    Commando in denim blows. Try sewing in a "cargo" net from some swim trunks
  3. The Cheshire

    awwwww my anus

    Chamois Butt'r. Anti chaif lube.
  4. The Cheshire

    Sex industry worker group

    This is always good to see. Ive been away from sex work (phonesex and pornshop counter) for a few years but I will never stop supporting. Ive been in relationships that made time for escorting/phonesex/ Dom/Sub work and feel lucky for it. Sex workers are remarkable people. Props!
  5. The Cheshire

    Hippie Hatred

    Punks is hippies right? I don't have anything against "hippies" unless they're bangin on makeshift drums with no rhythm!
  6. The Cheshire

    Ayo where you at these days? Heard Amanda saw you at Baby Bar in Spokane recently.

    Ayo where you at these days? Heard Amanda saw you at Baby Bar in Spokane recently.
  7. The Cheshire

    Squat the Planet's "The List"!!!

    Heres the flyer...
  8. The Cheshire

    2011 National Rainbow Gathering - Washington!

    Ill be leaving albuquerque in june with a van and some homies. Back to Washington at last! Will be posting a ride share once we know how many heads are coming from 505. Any avaliable room in the van is dog friendly as well
  9. The Cheshire

    Photos Up high

    Amazing. Ive never seen anything like this before.
  10. The Cheshire

    the longest time...

    Since September, but no worries.
  11. The Cheshire

    folklife Seattle be there!

    I'll be there! Most likely going to be in Spokane headin west.
  12. The Cheshire

    ?Which boot is "your" friend on the steel?

    Vasque Sundowners. Love these boots.
  13. The Cheshire

    Best jeans?

    One pair of levis is going on five years for me. I'll i've had to do is sew the crotch back together a few times. But the Filsons are were it's at, hands down.
  14. The Cheshire

    A comparison - Carhartt (prada?) vs. Walls gear. Bibs, coveralls, coats, etc.

    I've got a pair of handed down Oilskin Filsons from my dad that are the best pants possible. I think i'll end up handing them of to my offspring someday... Never worn the Wall stuff but i've got a Carhartt jacket that can't be beat, for comfort and warmth.

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