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  • Tonight's dumpster hall? A beer bong in one dumpster and an unopened can of White Claw in another.

    The god of gutter punks CLEARLY wants me to drink.
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    Never disappoint the god of gutter punks! ::drinkingbuddy::
    I love that emoji more than I can say haha
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    Planes, trains, and automobiles (though in reverse order).

    On the best to Denver so I can take the train to the airport and then fly off to the Grand Canyon! Word of the wise: if you're looking for seasonal work, it's best to avoid Copper Mountain. Management is inconsistent and the pay isn't great. It might be worth it if you're a ski bum, but most of the people on that mountain are snobs and not worth the hassle
    Just now realized there was a social media aspect to this site; I've been using it strictly for forums this entire time! Kinda stoked to realize this haha
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