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    Tatiana "Daisy" Torres

    I don't know if anyone here met Tati on their travels, but she was an amazing person. I met her years before she started riding the rails and have kept in touch with her in an uncle-esque role over the years. I found out this morning that she passed away, but don't have any other details. I...
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    This Was Written

    I dig it.
  3. tchavers

    Another "Never Too Late" Intro

    Great intro. I was laughing and amazed simultaneously, a hard combo.
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    I missed out on a lot of awesome travel opportunities when I was younger because I was waiting for other people to go with me. I found going solo and making friends along the way ensures that I don't miss anything i really want to do and you make like-minded friends along the way. If you can get...
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    Hobo Cookbook! ^~:*()

    My easy go to when I'm out and have some where to cook is ramen+... essentially I grab one of the ramen packets that aren't normal, think curry flavor. Then when I boil the water and toss in the noodles I put in anything else that I might have. This can be veggies, fresh or wilted, meat, and...
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    Spice Kit

    I like sazon and jerk seasoning for my kit. So much flavor, for so little work.
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    DIY Rocket Stove recipes!

    I've used these before and it works surprisingly well, but unless you're staying put for a while or it's your only option it's a bit too much work, for the outcome because the dent and roast out if you move them.
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    Unsure of some stuff

    Reminds me of a quote I heard years ago that really stuck with me. "If you watch the sun rise/set enough times, it just becomes 6:00." I know that's been true for me at points for me while traveling. It's usually when I first start going out again or when I have been cooped up a while and start...
  9. Abandoned Camp - Sodus, NY

    Abandoned Camp - Sodus, NY

    Abandoned Camp - Sodus, NY
  10. Abandoned Camp - Sodus, NY

    Abandoned Camp - Sodus, NY

    Abandoned Camp - Sodus, NY
  11. Abandoned Camp - Sodus, NY

    Abandoned Camp - Sodus, NY

    Abandoned Camp - Sodus, NY
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    If you were to be executed, what would you choose for your last meal?

    A Chorizo cheese dip with fresh chips, chicken wings and gulab jamun.
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    Average daily distance with loaded touring bike

    Like a few others mentioned, I wouldn't worry about how many miles you're clocking if you are having a good time. Comparison is the thief of joy, right? That being said, I used to do 40 - 50 miles a day when I'd load up my bike and take it out for a couple weeks. Just enjoy your time and call it...
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    Breaking the Facebook cycle

    I'm somewhere in the middle on this. I always tell people it's a friends list, not an acquaintance list. My criteria is pretty simple: 1. Do I like you? 2. Do I know you in real life? 3. Have we hung up intentionally in the last year outside of obligatory situations(work, school, etc.) If so...
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    Your favorite books?

    Walden on Wheels by Ken Ilgunas is the book that got me excited about hitting the road while sleeping in the van and looking in to "alternative" styles of travel. Into the Wild and A Walk in the Woods, both are common re-reads from me too.

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