I travel as much as I can. It isn't as much as I'd like or as much as I used to, but I am on the road more than anyone in my circle of friends. My wife is an amazing travel partner, but doing it full time isn't for her.
When we are on the road, we sleep in my minivan and keep it as cheap as I know how. That's actually part one of how I stumbled on STP. If I spend less money on everything else, that's more money that can go in my tank. Luckily my travel interests are usually free. I love urbex, street art, hiking, strange museums and roadside attractions like giant rocking chairs. In short, I am a home bum with the heart of a rubber tramp.
Part two of how I got here was my nephew. He is a dirty kid and has been shooting back and forth across the country for a few years now. Before he left everyone else was trying to convince him not to go because "He would get killed", "It's too dangerous" and "That's the life of a loser"; I was one of the few people that supported him going. It's funny to me that the people that say don't go some where or don't do something the most are often the ones that have seen and done the least in life. I did a lot of hitch hiking when I was younger, and have slept in some strange places, but it had been a while and I have 0 experience with trains. Finding this site(and some others) was my way of trying to hook him up with some as much knowledge as I could before he left.
Current Location
Lockport, NY
Favorite place
Randyland - Pittsburgh, PA
Preferred method(s) of travel
Sleeping in my mom van.
Are you traveling now?
Half and half
Spoken Languages
Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation(s)
Preferred pronoun
He / Him
Relationship status
Ex Smoker!
Political leanings
Free thinker
Favorite websites
Roadside America
All Trails
Atlas Obscura
Truckers Path

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