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    Vancouver to Prince Rupert

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience hitching in that part of Canada. It's looking like I'm going to have some cannery work up in Petersburg Alaska and am thinking of foregoing the plane trip from Seattle and hitching up to Prince Rupert and then taking a ferry or plane from...
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    Should i use a camelback to carry water?

    I don't know about them. I guess my biggest bitch about them is pulling all the shit out of my pack when I want to refill and also not being able to gauge how much water I have. I've more than once woken up thirsty as hell on a train and began sucking at the camel back teat to get one mouth...
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    0 degree sleeping beg question ?

    Yeah just slipping another light weight bag into whatever you have makes a world of difference. Silk liners are the business I've heard, no first hand knowledge. I just dropped almost two bills on a Wiggys superlight. You get what you pay for when it comes to gear though. Look into the military...
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    East or West?

    Love the Pacific Northwest and love lets say Richmond VA. Either or man. It is what you make of it. South coast is good too so is Tennessee. I would say do a southern tour and up the east coast. You'll get the good with the bad and not just end up on the west coast not caring to leave.
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    need help getting out of mobile, AL

    On the electrical box under the overpass/bridge deal next to the port?
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    Gear for riding in the winter?

    Also Michaels Fabric and Hobby Lobby are great corporations to dumpster for fabric and I find Walgreens floss to be superior to CVS or Rite Aid brand floss. This is also being typed from a Hewlett Packard lap top using a Logitech wireless mouse while wearing a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt and...
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    Gear for riding in the winter?

    Charming. I couldn't find a way to describe my particular setup without using brand names. I also couldn't find enough cardboard, dental floss and dumpstered fabric to construct a DIY set of winter bibs or bivy or sleeping bag. Sorry for all the brand placement. What I mentioned works and...
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    Gear for riding in the winter?

    Poly pro union suit. Basically the hill billy looking thing with a butt flap except not cotton. Jeans whatever, thick flannel, fleece jacket, carhart arctic bibs (black lining), Carhart artic coat, ski mask, and the military issue modular sleep system. It's two bags an intermediate and a...
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    News & Blogs One of you lose a puppy?

    Where are you heading from CXR1037? If you do get down to New Orleans still be prepared for cold weather. Although being extremely south it still gets a bit nippy during the winter months. Down in to the 30's at times so pack for the cold. If you like Crass I could suggest a few other...
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    What the fuck are you doing for Halloween 2011?

    I'm going to NOLa dooodsss. : ) Nothing other than packing up all my shit in a car and moving it to St. Helens Oregon area. I really would like to be in New Orleans this year though.
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    The word "Oi"

    Alcohol fueled rant after a shitty night. I apologize.
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    The word "Oi"

    Bottom line, who gives a shit? This is like "The View" except with people who bought a Crass album and sewed a Subhumans patch on there Carhartts. Aren't we supposed to be sharing pertinent information on shit that actually helps or matters? "hey trying to get out of Sioux Falls, just got a...
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    The word "Oi"

    It's basically what fag is to cigarette as oi is to hey or chips are to fries. Skins put a bad name on something else. Astonishing...
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    The word "Oi"

    I like using it going into a known jungle at night to put anyone that might be camped at ease knowing it's not a cop behind the light. It's not an issue with me either way.