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  • hey bro do you know were to hop out going wsb from denver to grand jct i dont get on the computer much but heres my nummber i can only text 1 505 419 7026 i googled it i know were the yard is but dont know wich UP to hop
    been reading your posts. seem to know a bit about memphis. you have any advice for catching CN south outta johnston? thanks.
    I'm in Louisville for the time being and may be heading Northwest in late Marchish. Is everyone still in the house?
    hey buddy its slanky i dont know if you can check this soon, but i called jeff and his phone is off, you guys get to nola alright? give me a call if you get this. most of my stuff is sold and im ready to meet back up with you guys. incase he lost his phone my number i hope you guys are alright, i miss you ill see you all soon!

    your not the Tbone that was in sparks were you? and bumped into another fella trying to catch out, then ended up hitchhiking the next day?
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