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  • Taylor get on here man, shit. I hope we meet up sometime. What's trash up to? I'm about to hop freight to CA
    what up mang. Im chilling in CO. settled down. goinmg to school. last year fucked me up. haha. still got that EHG. cut it up and made it back patch. where you be these days?
    damn dude, honey? im really sorry man, that was an awesome friend to lose. i'm heading south soon, back down to texas and further, i'll give you my cell brother, peace.
    hey what's up bud, long time no see. Are you still in Texas? I left a week after you guys did and headed to the west coast. Me Tabs Danielle lemmings orphan and cody all went down to eagle pass on accident. we ditched orphan in eagle pass and we all ended up splitting up and hitching back to san antonio. I rode west from there back to la and then back up to oregon.

    Im in fucking Utah right now cold as shit. you gotta phone these days? hit me up.
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