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  • Aye just saw your in north pa, if your up near wilkes barre/scranton and looking for a road dawg, im looking for someone to show me some of the ropes or at least get me out this area soon, names brendan, hope everything is going good on your end
    Hey im from wb but in blooms rn. I wna head out to the slabs n im lookin for a road dog...
    I just planted my ass in the Wilkes barre motel 6 20 minutes ago. been hard hot and humid wet few days walking and hitching from my land. im having an absolutely zero day.truthfully i dont really travel with others but if you want could maybe walk a few days or something. i havent hitched with another person in years. and the ropes are kind of found. not sure how id show you how to hitch. . .
    I'm passing through Arkansas just wondering if there is anyway you could tell me the best way to get to South Dakota by hitchhiking what's the best way to take.
    Hello all.
    I am going to try to not break any rules while I'm here.
    I guess you could consider me a old guy.lol.
    I live in arkansas, but dream of being a wanderer and vagabond. I truly love people and trust to much. If i can help you in any way i will try.
    I will not send money or participate in any scams. But if your passin thru and need a meal or a couch. I will
    Me & one of my homies just bought some land to do exactly what you're talking about , living off the land in the mountains.
    Where in PA are you ? We're in west philly but the place we bought is in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains
    I have not grown any tobacco for a few years now. I have some seed from tobacco that
    I found growing wild over in PA. It won't grow now, I guess the seeds are to old.
    I I'll have to check that spot out again late summer to get more seed.
    Saw your response on the fishing thread.
    Hell yeah... night fishing rules! Plus it's easier to fish at places your not
    supposed to be at... while having a few beers.
    Saw your response on the 'traveling alone' thread.. I'm waiting for the warm weather as well. Got anything planned or room for a trust worthy travel mate?
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