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  • Hey girl, loong time no see. Sorry we didn't get to call you back the other nite, stuff came up. call n e time. n don't be a stranger!!!
    hey how are you doing? chuck's doing great, he got over that cold and the worms while we were in seatle. i'm getting by. i had a crazy trip, now i'm trying to figure thing out. in the bay area now, forty miles north of san francisco. gonna work for the winter and see what happens from there. life's been a strange ride.
    good luck with your legal shit, hope that things work out for you. see you around somewhere.
    nick and chuck
    hey tapes how was your birthday? i ended up heading up to seatle and then east, in wisconsin now, but heading back west tomorrow. Where you at now? still in portland? how's that infection doing? hopefully healed by now. well hit me up and let me know where your at and what you're up to? this is nick by the way, piss's friend, we met in portland. i just started an account on here
    Im in cali right now. like in the san juaqin valley. its pretty sick but im going to santa cruz this weekend and i think i may be headed to seattle after. and i will give you a call.
    hey tapes. hows everything? are you gonna make it to portland in time for the meet up or are you still around?
    Back in CLT. Its been a pain in the ass, but the squats pretty choice.

    Give us a call if youre going to be around.
    Can u send priavte messages? Mine's down.
    yeah, im in texas just to avoid being homeless in charlotte.

    probably headed home soon though, have i met you before?

    in columbia at a show maybe?
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