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    stupid knuck tattoos

    been thinking about Hail Kill. If you listen to manowar you will understand hahaha
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    hey i would like to stay in contact with you. you should add me on facebook. just look up tanner...

    hey i would like to stay in contact with you. you should add me on facebook. just look up tanner bray. talk to ya later! i had a good time hitchin with ya
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    folk punk bands?

    looks like a goodtime deering banjo. i like the music.
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    folk punk bands?

    .357 string band, Folk Hogan, cutthroat shamrock, split lip rayfield
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    Photos Tattoo work I've done recently.

    those look pretty bad ass!
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    Finding a place to sleep...

    usually if you are on the outskirts of towns there is almost always some kind of shrubs and trees around on and off ramps. thats where i usually end up, plus its nice to wake up, walk ten feet and be on your on ramp ready to get the shit out of there
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    im new to this web page. any going to WA this yr

    nick at night! you need a cigarette i got a cigarette! ill be there.
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    traveling advice

    its a good idea to get his tags as well, i traveled with a lot of kids that have dogs that arent registered. you can avoid a lot of shit from cops if he has tags. petco also has great dumpsters for dog food. they throw away tons of if. your dog is a money maker as well, people love dogs. good luck
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    I need friends.

    come to the west coast. i need a road dog anyways. eh eh?
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    tavern sign in durango, colorado

    i love durango! i squated in a really nice abandoned lumber yard there.
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    Any metal fans?

    ensiferum, equilibrium, MANOWAR, Dragonforce, Korpikklanni, Turisas, Dio, Rhapsody of Fire, Finntroll. yup i love my power and folk metal
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    dumb traveler names

    i think the worst one i ever saw, i say saw because i never met the kid just saw his tag at a hop out spot. DE-RAIL there was another one with his, but i think it was along the lines of railspike or something. ahahahahaha
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    Frameless pack

    yeah it has a waist strap that helps a bit, i just took it out on some hikes doing some 9 hr slot canyons, packed it as though i was going traveling. it wasn't bad but yeah after using my frame pack for so long my shoulders arent used to having any weight on them. leaning towards just using my...
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    Frameless pack

    so i got this frameless pack given to me. just wondering if any of you have traveled with a pack with no frame. i kinda like the idea because its small. fits my sleeping bag, jacket and has all the little extra pockets all inside. plus its waterproof. Anyways i want to travel light this summer...
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    2 Stuped 2 Werk!!!

    wait wait. do you have a dog named redro?