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    Santa Barbara, CA

    I just moved from up that way. State street is very popular for travelers, homeless, and annoying college kids. As far as sleeping on the beach in Santa Barbara I’m unsure if the cops will kick you off. There is a good spot for beach sleeping in Carpinteria. That is also a nice little community...
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    Slab city facts

    Water, food, and some sort of shelter. The nearest town is about 3-4 miles away. This time of year, if you can find someone with a car, you could always check out ocotillo wells for fun times if you like dirt bikes, drinking, and big bon fires (lots of people light their xmas trees on fire)...
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    Slab city facts

    You have my number man. If you have any questions shoot me a text
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    Slab city facts

    The area is not that great. The heat in the summer months is not worth it at all. I lived/ worked in the nearby desert for many years. The best months to go are from October to April or so. That's when the weather is decent. It gets really cold at night. California has very temperamental weather...
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    Thinking of moving to slab city with our kids

    I agree. I had been looking at this post. I am from the area by Slab City. I grew up not far from There and mostly worked in that desert for the last 7 years. It is a terrible idea to bring kids out there. Especially when there is no guaranteed shelter.
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    My one scary experience hitchhiking

    Glad both of you are safe A. Stay away from creepy old men B. Don't spray mace in a moving vehicle C. Double check for child locks D. Always have a blade handy (sharpened) E. Don't trust the mullet in NOLA I'm sifting through all the threads. The stories forum definitely helps. People have...
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    Long Beach, CA

    I'm thinking of trying my luck at hopping for a week. I know I can come back here but my step dad hates me and I feel like I've let my family down more and more over the last year. I need to find a good place to catch out and maybe some good people. Thanks spider.
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    Long Beach, CA

    Hello everyone my name is Robert. I've been here looking through the threads for advice and stories. I have recently been going through some troubles and not making much money. I lost a great job and home in February. I have been staying with my parents ever since. I feel it's time for me to...