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  • I plan on being up there in a week or so passing through Seattle this week. Is work easy to find? Any need to knows??
    Somewhat easy to find, just gotta know what you want. Cannery's, fisheries, fish processing plants. All easy jobs to get just very long hours, I'd recommend just applying to any one you can find online and previous work experience is a plus (even: oh yeah I used to gut fish when I went fishing with my family), can't get almost any job up here without some sort of experience
    Ay mate just hit me up
    I’m in Boston Massachusetts and I’m trying to get to Anchorage Alaska I’m securing housing in Anchorage have a but I have a pallets worth of belongings if anybody’s driving out there I’d be happy to keep you company have your back be your navigator and pay i’m in Boston Massachusetts and I’m trying to get to Anchorage Alaska I’m securing housing in Anchorage, I have a pallets With the stuff I can pay for gas And nav
    I’m a 47-year-old man self-employed and I need to get to Alaska my brother passed away my younger brother and I want to spread his ashes on the snowfields at the top of denali and then I’ll let him ride that glacier out to the ocean floor about 50 years
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