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    Quarantine conundrum

    Exercise is like the only freedom left right now hahaha. But yeah the dogs I walk keep me fit. Just trying to stay busy and stay out of trouble. Currently i hide my pack all day at a friend's or I stash it, always have my mask on around my neck , having the mask and walking the dogs without my...
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    Quarantine conundrum

    Hey it's been a while. Still in Tucson still hopping couches. But with no place to go like the library or any other free to loiter places. what the he'll are y'all doing to pass the time? I spend a lot of time doing dog walks and training for an older cpl who have unruly ,huge and loveable, pit...
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    Video Flash Flooding in the Southwest 3/2020

    swift water rescue is like 10,000.00 dollars here in Tucson, we have a stupid motorist law ( its actually called that). just don't drive through flooded washes. I haven't heard of anyone camping in them getting washed away but I could happen. saturated topsoil and a few showers up stream and...
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    tucson mcdonalds, your biking from missouri

    hey bro I told you about some camps and about this place (STP), my dog had the hurt paw and my sister picked us up. you were cool, the beads lol ,anyways hit me up here if ya see this 😉 stop lurking and sign up
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    puppy pit bull "pig" stolen in Tucscon, AZ

    keep my eyes out me and my doggo get around Tucson
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    returning refreshed, refurbished and re-treaded ... om back what did i miss?

    returning refreshed, refurbished and re-treaded ... om back what did i miss?
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    facebook fawks van-dwellers

    My bad stp. i was a little out of it when i posted this and could not completely express my feelings. In 2015/2016 I quit facebook. Part of helping myself get sober. The way my world changed! I had less stress. I didnt feel so anxious, and most importantly I didnt thirst for attention anymore. I...
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    facebook fawks van-dwellers so i got this in a google feed. im just so lost as to how we got to this point... facebook is not alive but it is real real... it is proof of skynet... the internet subverted to lie and kill and destroy.... anyways im...
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    I am leaving Squat the Planet.

    No. places change, people grow, break and heal to grow anew, just to break heal and go on living till they dont. just like websites... RIP my first online fourm. god i was so different in 1998
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    damp camp or wet wonderland? perfect perspectives.

    damp camp or wet wonderland? perfect perspectives.
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    I am leaving Squat the Planet.

    Maybe i shouldn't speak as i dont really know much about Stp or the folks involved . however as a user i want to contribute constructively, and well it got me going. #1 says it all you dont feel connected to the community anymore. #2,3,4 and the related note are political and personal. (It...
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    Photos share pictures of your buddy

    nap time at grandma's saw something at camp and looked away...
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    One of the most disturbing things I have ever seen

    Just another sick day in arizona, pima county sheriffs are no joke, I see them as apex predators, i dont fuck with them at all period . I hide from them when i can but i dont run i dont do anything to provoke them, these guys run several jails and prisons: dead inmates, ain't but a ting... It...
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    when you smoke the Jeffrey , pet the fuzzy walls ...

    when you smoke the Jeffrey , pet the fuzzy walls ...
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    Resolved What if we started banning people from specific threads?

    I do like the idea of "shh grown folks are talking, go talk somewhere else" like extra trys to get it calm and together and to not fall for troll bait , or to do some research to prove your not talking out your ass that's great.. the idea of over turning a ban with an Internet...

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