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  • hey chloe you should come visit me and dave and see our child della mae shes awesome...
    Chloe........what the fuck is up? where and how have you been? we must chill???!!!! EVERYBODY is banned from this website. get banned and come hangout.
    hey i realized that you gave your warm clothes to page and didn't bring food with you. me and the girls are worried give us a call to let us know your alright
    i know thats so dumb huh! i thought it was you, but it was dark and you were far away. and then i didnt see you again for the rest of the night so i didnt know! BUT ill be at death fest this weekend, maybe see you there??
    i turn 18 april 24
    haha a few days lol
    i dodged the bullet
    because my girlly wanted
    me to take her to prom
    i got out of it although
    i dont remember how :]
    so im in nashville
    and will be till around late june
    i wanna stay to see my mom
    get married and then ima leave out haha
    well it fells good to tell
    you how im doing
    happy travelin
    hi, just rolled into east LA somewhere, here for a few days, let me know if you want to hang out
    i don't think i was.. i was in mendo and fort bragg and whatnot...
    I'll be here for a while yet, got a job and whatnot. you can come stay at my place when you come to town for sure :)
    yeah, definitely. i might be in LA soon. ill let you know. maybe ari can teach me banjo!
    where are you guys headed? it looks like i'm heading to portland with bumjug and nick cofphee in a few weeks. after that, who knows. the thought of quitting work alone has been the high point of the year so far.

    Hey, you want to come with BUMJUG and myself to Cajon Pass tomorrow to look at trains and hang out? If you can get to Orange County, I can drive you up there.
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