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  • Where you at the days? Still all in one piece i hope? So kev and i were talkin about riding from vancouver to montreal this summer. we've been rekindeling pastimes and come to the conclusion that we gotta do something stupid again.
    Hey I wanna continue the discussion in another thread I am thinking something along the lines of "Traditional vs Holistic Medicine" what do you think? Better than just going back and forth on that guys bronchitis thread?
    nice pictures, think I recognize some of those mexico spots, although fields do all look kind of great from the roof of a grainer...
    Yeah in that kinda area for now, off travelling the world soon woo :D I live in Worthing for now so that'll probably explain why you haven't seen me around brighton much ;P
    i've just been meandering around new england... i saw kev the other day in boston, seems to be doing pretty good. Glad to hear you made it safely up north. let me know how things go for you up there. i'll be heading off to new orleans saturday night, my number is 413 262 3896.... Love & Rage!
    howare you man? made it to montreal ok i hope... give me a shout, take care bud!
    hey man..how are things? glad to hear your on your way north..was starting to wonder if we would see you again...If I would have had more cash the first time I hit south America I would have kept going for sure
    greetings nick i just joined this site tonight looking to meet ppl along my way to cali possibly in the spring was interesting to find you here hope your travels are going swell and try not to get killed haha
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