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  • Anyone near liberty hill tx right outside of ausrin that can come pick me up been walking need out of this heat! !
    Anyone know where I can junk a car a no title in texas ?
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    I know how to work on them, where you at? I also know that you can junk em through local scrappers on Craigslist for your area, just look for the ad that says something like "we buy cars, running or not."
    All by my lonesome now in garland tx looking for some cool spots or someone to kidnap me and go somewhere else. 1 kid 1 pack heelpp??
    Somebody wanna house me and my roaddog up that's in dallas tx..been here 2 days and already tired of the area..we need showers and stuff
    Trying to hitch out of Dallas tx and go north..anyone know someone or some place here that does bus vouchers??
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