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  • Just finished the PCT pal, a little later than others but the bad weather was all part of it I suppose. Where are ya and what ya doin for the summer?
    shit.....that would be awesome but I got the summer filled. I'm back in Blighty for a week and a half (only option, long story I'll fill you in another time) then its back to San Diego in a week . I'll spend a week postin tucker up the west coast and then I'm gunna start the Pacific Crest Trail.......hopefully finishin in Sept. If you guys don't get North bound then come join me for a section, that would be fuckin sweet. I miss the good times pal.
    I rode my bike for the first time in a while today. Can't stop 'till Alaska.
    Good. I'm actually leaving tomorrow to go to PA, Chicago, the Portland - Arcaida/SF. Sucks my road dawgie just canceled on me, so now i'm going all alone. Everyone just got back, so i'm kinda screwed. Where you at? Wanna meet up?
    Hey pal, back in Mtl. bored as fuck and I got no work. Charlotte to Mtl. had its moments as did it for Kev from what I hear. When ya get to Boston let me know a number I can call ya on. Safe as Fuck.
    so when and if you plan on bein in mass? we are going down to nola late march, then up to mass from there.
    i'm riding WBD out of Belen NM, should be in San Diego area around Jan 8th? 9th? Not too positive but if you're taking it slow down from Salinas we should be crossing paths around there.
    joel, i was catching out from temple, TX and saw a snor tag under the overpass. said boston hogpunx, denver bound i think. wondering if it was your tag.
    i'm in albuquerque new mexico, heading west to california after christmas then making the southward plunge into old mexico
    Word b prepared and fuckin go! good man!
    Hahaa yeah, I think I might make my way down to Cali first; then hunt down someone who's a little more firmiliar with the west rails. Thanks for the offer though :] In any case, if you're still in Seattle area- don't be a stranger.
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