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    lol hi snookie! snookie? really? get your ass down here soon!
    heya do you know if mattlanta had a gayspace? thats sucks it was sleep apnea, i don't know if thats better or worse than ODing by your own choices, either way it sucks though, he was a chill fuckin dude
    hey lady, you still interested in a patch /leather swap? Need a sketch of your tag...I think I already PM'd you my reglar e-mail addy...Just waiting now...whenever.
    yeah i might of been a couple summer. i'm always going to to trukee to see friends and shit. also i think i met you in sf when i use to hang out with thrasher maybe.
    im impressed. no pic and you knew who i was. but yeah that was me. im doing good. ran into all your friends in nola a month later. just got back from a short stay in florida. ny at the moment. ill be in south jersey myself this weekend for family. 45 minutes or so from egg harbor.
    i met you in tomkins in october. drank a slam with you, keys and friends.
    you look extremely familiar. i think i saw you mobbing around grass valley when i was travelling around last summer...
    Hey, not sure if my message went through, but I would be glad to help you guys out with your project.
    ohh..indeed...i wish to see canada this i have never been....have any suggestions of places to see?
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