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  • So have you had any luck starting up the squat yet? might go through seattle soon, bust out the boltcutters and black hoodies

    living in tallahassee florida, pretending its summer, reading, i saw you guys on pilfs and its making me bummed. just lemme know yo
    Haha hell yeah we fucking do! I once made anarchy pie for FNB, we should try it sometime
    you just cut the slits in the pie in the shape of an "A", so it's an anarchy sign. By the way, you're sleeping upstairs right now, but we're making a delicious, huge pot of yummy bean and beef-not stew. Mmmm..
    I added a lock pick guide for u in the download section maybe it could come in handy practice makes perfect also most padlocks in the us a kwickset you should look into how to make a bump key...
    wow i miss you guys too! im currently back in tallahassee florida working on projects and being cool, if youre ever in florida come say ahoi, love you and everyone and also whats youre adress, and tell ursula i said meow, and alex to keep his heart 3 stacks and christian, tell him i said make love to my soul through the mail once i have an adress and ill write you all songs.
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