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  • Me n @dumpsternavel are on the move! Bout to be on our way to tear up the midwest, bois
    I read your about me and saw you said used shell sailsman...I watched a sarcastic animal nature show recently so.... I'm not drinking java just vodka at the moment... so I did not rofl my waffle... but deep down inside I did. I still am... I'm rofling like an earthquake swarm... also it's sunny outside and a nice breeze.... I need to ride mah bike... I been super hermit crab lately... haha... see hermit crab...?. got a shell for sale!!!!

    Awwww I shouldn't be splaining the joke. ::woot::
    What part of the Midwest?
    Me n @dumpsternavel are departing from Nola tonight....sad to be going, but we kicked off the end of our stay with an award winning chili dinner (the legendary Seven Pepper Colon Crusher, complete with Star Wars toast) at @EphemeralStick 's place !!!
    Thanks Nola for being rad; we're headed off to be a coupla Georgia peaches 🐌✨
    Barreling through the Arizona desert on an intermodal freight train, eating peanut butter with a fork. The only thing that could improve this situation would be chunky peanut butter. Other than that I have no complaints and life's pretty good.
    Eating peanut butter with a fork or spork is the worst. Always scraping up the inside of the jar which makes you have to wonder if you're eating plastic shavings. AZ is great though and the trainriding there is beautiful.

    Hope you guys didn't get popped in Tucson or otherwise though. Used to watch the railcop spotlight intermodals passing through there frequently, and continuing on through Texas the sunset route is somewhat of a minefield for intermodal as well.
    Okay so imagine a band comprised of a snail, a dragon, a doggo, and a ratto called Crackhouse Crevice. You can catch the free show on an eastbound IM from Yuma.
    @dumpsternavel will be making snacks with some tuna from a pouch and the crumbs of a 10 piece chicken nugget bag.
    Be there or be square.
    Welcome to the site. Whattaya mean when you say you work with native Californian wildlife? Like, do you get paid for it or is it sarcasm? Curious am I. ~ peace
    I'm an animal keeper at a zoo in Cali that focuses on rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife. :)
    Deleted member 21429
    I picture that being rewarding AND heartbreaking at times. Hope its the former. ~ peace
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