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  • A guy goes to a shrink and explains his problem, "Doctor, one day I think I'm a tee-pee, the next day I think I'm a wig-wam. I'm a tee-pee, I'm a wig-wam, I'm a tee-pee, I'm a wig-wam over and over again. I'm a tee-pee, I'm a wig-wam!"
    The doctor says, "You're too tense!"
    Hey Steph! I'm doing well, haven't done any traveling at all. I am 19 and have been in Minneapolis all my life, went to South Dakota once. ha. I am setting out on my first adventure end of June. The day has finally come! I know my life is about to take a very drastic change and I couldn't be more thrilled. How about you? Hope you're doing well!

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