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  • checked on here to get a number, but anyone who still uses this mine is 267 474 8550 , currently in harrisburg leavin in 2 weeks again
    hey i saw you say your friend needs a squat in portland maine, thats my hometown, if you message me i can send you the details for a squat they can stay at downtown
    hey, i've been alright how about you? im in baltimore right now heading to pittsburgh soon i think. not sure when i'll be in philly again but im down for dice games.
    Hey! I saw your tag in Jacksonville on that toilet next to the yard.
    i noticed your avatar looks like the rainbow gathering so i thought i'd say hi! i went back to PA but maybe we shall meet again.
    whats up dude i hope you and ed made it iout of the and the crew i left with are in montgomery alabama already...were bouts to hop outta here into mobile then NOLA but fuck gettin off in nola straight thru to texas hopfully
    That was in a super blown-up-as-fuck school squat thats full of homebums and crackheads. Bugler is... whatever the storeowner feels like charging around here. But averages around 4.50. Gay.
    Grrrrrl you still comin to NOLA?
    Glad to hear you made it there safe, despite getting pulled off. did you guys ride a reefer porch or an IM bucket. Keep in touch and let me know if you need any info.
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