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  • Well I'm not one to argue honestly... or try to push my beliefs off on others.. I however will not be swayed... but if you with an open unbias mind do some research you may be will see what I see.. I don't exactly think it is flat I do however belive it is more let's say doughnut shape if that makes sense... anyways shit I'm in Missouri now humidity ewwww.
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    if you think the earth is anything but a sphere you're a fucking idiot.
    Honest question, have you ever been overseas, particularly to another continent?
    i for one appreciate you being honest, itr lets me know to just avoid you all together.
    Well, after that last comment, I guess I'm beat. Time to exit THIS conversation....
    No I haven't been in a plane.. And like I said not trying to change anyone's views just simply doing exactly what's asked and joining in with my journey.. Not trying to be told I'm an idiot for posting in my world you disagree or feel sum kinda way hit the arrow or back button but please treat me like I will treat you and don't be rude it's just not chill u feel me!
    Uhhhh, ok bud. I'm not being rude. Im disproving a theory that is obviously false. Kinda like Religion.
    Out of all the conspiracies there is feasible reasoning, such as 'cancer = profit for big business' 'fluoride makes people complacent' etc etc but what difference does a flat or round Earth make?

    This is my point, is that whatever the origin, as this flat earth theory exists it's a roundabout way to distract people who deviate from conventional thinking from things that really matter.
    Cali jay
    Cali jay
    Flat round doesn't matter. But lying to humans about everything to include their home is a huge deal. My theory, humans are incredibly special so much so that we have no idea to our true potential. Your life this earth all a gift, given to you for free. If the powers that be can do all they can to make you feel less than or insignificant in this world then you don't think your that special and will just live and not
    Cali jay
    Cali jay
    Question things. I say question everything! A spinning ball earth going through everlasting space is a lot less significant then a stationary earth in the (heart) of the universe directly below your creator or what have you. No one asked to be here yet here we are, for a reason homies! You are special, unique and one of a kind and someone loves you. You are here for a reason. My .02 it's a battle for heaven and earth
    What would be a benefit of brainwashing people to believe the Earth is round and that there's gravity? Apart from 'holding us down' puns, what does the belief in gravity do to repress us?

    What would be the benefit of living on a flat earth? If the Earth were flat WHY would it benefit an abusive government or whoever to hide it from common people?
    Ok, @Roxii Beans first, there is a disagree rating for a reason. Rate stupid things as stupid, not things you disagree with.

    Second, explain why objects fall back to the earth. Please. Id love to hear YOUR theory, against a law of physics. Mind you, you have to have some sort of alternate theory. Not just "gravity isint real"
    I am totally a believer that our world is not round... This is a flat earth and we have all been brain washed....
    Wow. How many times to we have to disprove this theory on StP. I'll give you all of the proof you need that the world isint flat. Gravity. The moon. The event horizon. Satellites. No one has sailed off the edge of the earth...ever. The view from an aircraft. We would literally have to be living in a giant Truman Show if the earth was actually flat. Conspiracy theories are fun, but this one just isint true.
    Roxii Beans
    Roxii Beans
    Numerous of Scietists has said gravity is a theory AND nothing anyone says actually proves gravity is a thing... They just try to use gravity as an excuse.... So, nah bro.. Gravity isn't real...
    Cali jay
    Cali jay
    Is it gravity or buoyancy? How do the waves continue forever is it the moon's gravity or omnipresent forces that surround us always showing themselves in shuttle things. We went to the moon in the 60s and can't go back cuz we lost the technology.. Come on bro they never went they cant, and with the tech nowadays if they even tried a go pro would fucking disprove them. Ya bro were flat and surrounded by ice. My .02
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