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    To ditch or not to ditch?

    Uuuufffff. Whoops. Thank you.
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    To ditch or not to ditch?

    Age doesn't justify disrespect. Ditch em.
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    Best U.S. diy punk music cities 2019?

    I'm moving to CO in may! I'm really glad to hear this. Maybe we will run into each other :)
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    Reverse Hitchhiking?

    The commenters dewd... shits fucked
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    Maybe I'm romanticizing the lifestyle and won't last... Only one way to find out

    whattuuup! I saw yr face and then "huh" and then Croc and "yup". neat seeing you here dewd. it would be sooooo rad to bum around w/ you. i don't know when, but i sense that we will find each other again in the future. I will super duper hit you up when I'm free to hop around if you're down! -...