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  • lol. i feel ya. in my homestate right now, just hoppin round till i feel the urge to leave again. just got back from a long FL trip so i should be fine with being in New England for a bit. might head up to VT and if i get my passport sometime in this century def stoppin in canada.
    beds are hard to come by...glad your feeling better :), as long as i have my sleeping bag i'm set. sleeping on the dirt kinda sucks unless you're passed out, then who the hell cares? :p you in your hometown or ramblin around?
    i agree! i was thinking of doing one on my knee sometime not sure though. what do you think?
    you're my best friend on this website. thanks for always being there for me
    yup guess that makes me a IL virgin, never been through there either...I couldn't even tell you where it is on a map, for reals. LOL ... Anything east of the Mississippi is no-,mans land to me, LOL (excpt Memphis, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi (I was born there) Otherwise I am fucking lost...
    Hey kid, I got that patch for you sent about an hour ago, Ottawa right? Kool, first time I've sent anything to your state for real. PM me the minute you get it ok. There arr only two of this particular patch, the other my friend Dirty_feet has...Sew it, then show it...(sew it on, take a pic, then post it in my 'Bragging' thread.) ..Laters chick...
    meeee too.
    You should see the amount of food I put down...
    totally ungodly! ha ha
    Stove doesn't work?! Nuke that shizz
    Talk about being sleepy, I just woke and still I need more.
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