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  • hey hill. this is mike. from waaaay back.(thanksgiving in SF) they changed my account username. i may find myself on the west coast this winter. you out there? Is your number still the same? ill give it a ring sometime. for some reason i cant send you private messages on this account. (you're settings must be funny?...)
    Hey, sorry, but I just noticed you left me a visitors message that I never seen until just now.........I believe it's been there for like 9,893,414 years and I never replied back to you! (Sorry bro)!
    Me and "Dmac66" are hading out this coming weekend on another hopping trip............Will post great train hop photos when we get back for all OK???

    Laters brother man!
    yea i left. down in SLO county now. i went off into the woods in Big Sur for a couple days. thanks for all the hospitality! see you when i see ya
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