Professional hobo of 21 solid years.
For 21 years I lived in transit on the rails 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Have traversed over 340,000 miles of rails since 1989 throughout 49 USA states, eight provinces in Canada and 14 states in Mexico.
I usually ride alone, but occasionally may be seen riding with other real, true hoboes. (I may teach T-I-T if I like the person enough to teach them)! They have to want to learn, though!!!
I ride all lines that exist in North America.
I finally managed to get my very first place the summer of 2008 in Sioux'er Falls, South Dakota, in order to get my chemo taken care of, but will soon be back out riding full-time again!
I'm usually a pretty quiet person, because of my social anxiety, but once I get to know someone, I open up and have a blast! I love to watch comedy club stand-up and Star Wars IV, V and VI! (I love to laugh and make others laugh, once I get to know them)! I really love cooking as well as baking, to boot! I can cook "anything" you desire and prepare it very well. (Can you say, Cajun food)? lol!!!
Its my specialty! Ha ha!!!
I was brought up very, very "old school"! My father also rode freight trains. He rode for 17 years solid and he was called "Doc". His father as well rode freight trains and was a real "STP"! (Steam Train People).
I absolutely love my still living Granny! I adore my Mother as well!
All-in-all, I'm a pretty good guy to ride along with, once you get to know me! (Let's ride, brothers)!!!