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  • yup me n a buddy are going to the crimethinc convergence in july, prolly fuck 'round in PA or whrerever until the end of fall, then we were thinking barcelona... its up fer debate. we could meet ya at the convergence?
    hell yes hell yes hell yes! I dont think weve met before as im just getting ready to leave for good this summer and travel abroad... im definatly looking fer people who wanna group up tho. minus the speed and add the WHIPPETS!!!
    fuck yea le's go to tj asap and get loaded. my number is : 619:434-7491 and we'll go to tj get wasted and she i get 100 bux the first
    fer sure if you need my umber again lemmme know i can hook u up w/ food and also to wash clothe if you want btw. you know where to get dope? im gonna use that to kick instead so pleeeeeeaaaasssse lemme know asap
    hey im still in national city and it sux. im kicking methadone with alotta fucking pills. gimme a call well get wasted er something b4 u leave town.
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