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  • whats up man where u at? im in pa i just got deported from canada again fuckem its good to be back fuck yeah nascar
    Hey Danny! Dangerous! Last time I saw you was my 21st birthday on the haight. We all got drunk and dosed out and I thought I found a bomb and you hit Mud in the face the other birthday guy and you gave me your I heart consensual sex button. Sup bro? Ethan
    whats up shit bag. i was just talking about you the other day. where you at?!
    nah he still on the west coast meetin back up with him in feb. im in pa headin down to richmond in about a week left oakland early dec. rode overland back shit sucked hoppin outta cheyenne fuckin -7 anyway hit me up 570-371-1588
    yeah they changed it so liquor stores can be open on sundays now. no more 3.2 blues thank god. Ill pm you my number. well. actually i was able to keep the same number. so yeah. hit me up
    yeah dude. that kids a fucking tard man. I told him to fuck off last time he called me. team mean beat down for sure

    Im in fort collins,CO like 40 miles south of cheyenne. you can hop here. bnsf rolls right through town. but we should def ill it if you can make it. I gotta get a new phone today so Ill pm you that shit when I get it
    really? this kid neil that has been hitting me up on myspace said he met up with you and brit and been getting schwilly with ya. said he tripped mesc with ya. maybe the kids fucking lying. he's this kid billys cousin. bills from the UK.

    anyway Im back in colorado again. housed up with my old lady now. been laying low. trying to plan a trip that sarah can actually go on. she gots kids n shit. where you guys at?
    hey whats up dude. im traveling with my girlfriend and we're looking for possible travel buddies. whatre you up to?
    Hahahah yeah I remember you passed out at the drum circle during the farmers market. Thats sweet dude Eugene is rad i miss it
    i met you in eugene....
    what ever happened to scalp?
    i think i saw him in oregon last?
    something like that.
    what about you
    whered you go?
    whats up shitbag...were you in bermingham goin to the ocala rainbow gathering (fuckin stupid hippies)..anyways...hit me up i hope you made it to new orleans
    oi oi!!! what the fucks up bro?!? long time no see. where you at these days?
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