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  • All people are the same. Scum. Liers. Cheats.
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    Can't you tell he got on just to cover his shit trail, I was looking at his profile, he was jumping between my profile, the shady n untrustworthy forum to see if I made something yet,
    Come on people! Why would I fuckin lie? He even admitted he took off with my shit, but because I outed him for saying he wanted to go on a murder spree, he took that as an out, and flipped the whole thing back on me,
    I have moved on,
    Also I have every right to express myself and say what I want.
    A New Name
    I was not aware of the situation. I say go get him. Shank that pig in disguise.
    that sucks dude. post a story is the shady and untrustworthy forum. don't suppose you got a picture of him?
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    No I dont.
    He's like 6'3
    Normal build and long red hair.
    I seen he was on yesterday afternoon.
    I think he's going around here picking up people then robbing them.
    He also tried asking me to go on a killing spree
    I had a few photos of him that he sent me through text, but I got a new phone so lost them. Let me see if I can catch one for you.
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