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  • Ten Torments of the Damned by Cattle Decapitation. At One With the Shadows by Skeletonwitch. "make new friends...but keep the old..." <-now
    it's only because I log into stp that I'm not on facebook. getting stuck on paper can make you so lonely, you try to finish your BA.
    apple store computer, made my first ebay sale! dmpstr been a+ recently, narcotics anonymous has good coffee/cookies, and c u nxt week! \m/
    laughing at the looks on the highschoolers faces as I wait for the music teach to get off, use his tuner on mah new guitar.
    making. a. rocket. stove!!!!!!!!!!! tired of using the gas station nuke to heat up mah trash. haven't slept at the shelter in a month, <3lif
    it's a good pain. it's a good pain. Means I'm healing. It's a good pain....(stopped the tobacco, trying to keep it that way.)
    public records request to find city owned buildings. <--BEST. IDEA. OF. LAST. NOVEMBRRRR. Took them a while though....
    anyone know how to do prison crafts? Brilliant guy strips palm leaves off "private" trees, weaves them into hockable crafts. Gotta do that.
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