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  • moved almost all my crap out of the jesus shelter. waiting for that check so I can go drive my new house off the lot. the good news is I'm living in a car. The better news is that the car is mine, a jeep, and a biodiesel. Feelin' derp about it.
    haus sitting for a friend. $$$, free housing, and the use of a car (!). Plus, that bootlegged copy of the new Mad Max was gnarly as fuck.
    Awesome!!!! I want to see that movie.
    My mom died of lung cancer. On a lighter note, I didn't lose my clean time. BTW "cabinet" by Spawn of Possession is an awesometastic album.
    Traveling to N.Carolina. Not for the joy of it, but because a loved one is on hospice. This SUUUUUUUUUUCKS.
    if you've been sleeping outside, sometimes when you roll around, a bit of twig or dirt can lodge..
    if you can't get a doc to do it (ahem..) probe the canal very, very gently with a thin,narrow loop of wire ( a bit like a a sqeezed paperclip) DO NOT USE AN OPEN END PIECE OF WIRE!! bend it in a bit of a hook shape & be carefull...
    if it's in the canal, you should feel it.. at any point of pain, STOP!!
    deleted my mac's operating system, and have installed debian. It's like make up sex with an old girlfriend. Lil messy at 1st, then OGODOGOD!
    any better.. any symptoms other than pain? swelling, running, clogged ear canal?

    any blood, excess wax or scaly tissue?
    trains don't seem that awesome right now. reminds me that capitalism can LITERALLY act like a giant machine crushing everything in the way.
    I want to make a guitar company called bladvak, since that's goblin for "pick-axe", and guitars are axes that you pick. strumbumhumdedum.
    I realized I'm trying to think of a cool status update like before when I was on fezbuk, so I'm putting myself in timeout from stp. cyaz!
    that moment this morning, sleeping behind the Library's dumpster, and they came to pick up the trash. Belly growling at me...
    overdosing on veggie burgers. so...many...veggie burgers. and now I'm checkin' out debian (jessie) with xfce. Gods I've got a Linux fettish.
    food not bombs, mustard seed cafe, I can haz TWO neighborhood gardens? :eek: squatting naked in a storage shed jammin' to andrew jackson jihad.
    worked at a cabinet place for a week, got a chromebook, and am making it run Linux against its will. Copyleft, crypto-anarchy + shit.
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