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    One of the great things about Californias plastic bag ban is that they encourage people to buy those cloth bags. Simply put a cloth bag inside of one of those hand held baskets and fill it up. When you get next to the checkout area, ditch the basket and grab the cloth bag. Youll look like anyone...
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    Traveling during the winter

    San jose cali ( generally silicon valley) is a nice neutral place to be in the winter. You can live outside and be fairly comfy. Other than that most peeps I know head to new orleans and get restaurant jobs to house them for the majority of the winter
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    Squatting/repurposing a vacant building long term

    The inside of the building had been stripped of everything profitable leading to the circuit breakers. The external power was coming from 2 blocks away at a highly secured computer manufacturing facility so we were left with the small connecting boxes found on the roof. But youre right. I could...
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    What's the funniest prank...

    I remember a couple times drawing a bunch of cocks and wierd shit on friends faces if they passed out early then waking them up in the morning to go to the store and get a beer before they had a chance to look in the mirror. The look on the cashiers face was always priceless
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    Hello from Tampa FL

    Thats all it takes man. Put a cup, your hat, or your case out near you when you play. Its the universal symbol of playing for tips
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    Squatting/repurposing a vacant building long term

    Large vacant buildings offer an escape from the elements whether it be rain, wind, or cold. Finding the right building and being able to maintain occupancy for long periods of time can prove to be a difficult task. I assume most people on this site already know this but I figured Id lay out my...
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    Hello from Tampa FL

    Money isnt hard to come by. If you play an instrument try busking in front of a store. If not you can always fly a sign near the exits of shopping centers or red lights. Be creative with what you write on your sign. If you can make someone laugh you are more likely to do better flying a sign. If...
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    Brookings Oregon. Otherwise known as hell

    Last year I hitched north up the 101 from the bay area and made it up to the Oregon border in record time. The scenery was beautiful especially traveling so close to the coast. Everything was going great till I made it to brookings oregon. Got there in the middle of the day so I decided to walk...
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    Fuck the ticket, take the ride

    Fuck the ticket, take the ride