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    On Selling Out

    Any of you crusties ever sold out completely? I'm talking 9 to 5 with a lease and stability. If so, how did/are you faring? I've been a crusty traveler for a while. Years ago, I was hxc into computer science, but gave up that passion for degeneracy. I've had amazing experiences. I've truly...
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    Cheap Land w/ Lax Zoning/Building Codes Near a City?

    I know I'm asking for a holy grail, but just figured I'd throw the question out there. Looking for some land where I can build an experimental homestead. Don't want to be too out in the boonies as I enjoy some city life. So tired of being fucked with due to codes and regulations because Karen...
  3. Satanic Botanic

    We've set up shop in slab City

    i'll buy one vegan marijuana please
  4. Satanic Botanic

    Library $50 and Up Underground House Book

    Has anyone here actually done this? I would be worried about it caving in on me or flooding.
  5. Satanic Botanic

    Tucson, AZ to live?

    I've been thinking about Tucson as a home base as well. It seemed pretty dope when I passed through. Met some cool people at an anarchist coffee shop called Revolutionary Grounds. It has some of the cheapest rent and a high minimum wage. You could live comfortably with a shitty part time job...
  6. Satanic Botanic

    The Impossible task of finding a bike touring partner!

    Honestly, probably just gonna end up touring solo because I've had two people pretend like they were down but totally bail when it got down to getting serious about it. I wanted to start in the summer, but waiting around for people to confirm fucked up that schedule. I mean, I get it. I get...
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    Car dwelling

    I've been living out of my prius on and off for the past couple of years. It's honestly great. You can buy a used prius for like $3k these days and they last longer than your average car. Toyota also has the cheapest maintenance costs on average out of all the makes. Aside from the amazing MPG...
  8. Satanic Botanic

    Los Angeles Parking Spots

    Very useful. Just left LA. There's some nice nature hangout spots in Griffith Park, but not much overnight. I usually hang out at Griffith Park or the beach during the day. If I'm near Griffith Park, I park near Silver Lake/Glendale. There's lots of side street parking around these areas. My...
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    Hammock life?

    Yo, glad you posted this. Didn't know this was a thing but is exactly what I need. I've been using the hennessy hammock. It's dope, but this flying tent... yo... it's perfect. Bivy and hammock in one with no need to set up a rainfly? Been looking up videos and reviews. It seems legit. I'm all...
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    Popular cities

    This. My personal favorites for finding youth are those medium sized towns centered around a college or two. Tons of open-minded youth appreciative of travelers. Even better if it's an music/arts college as that usually means tons of dope free DIY shows.
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    Hitting the road Saturday full time

    Hell yeah, man. It's your life. Your family might not understand, but it's okay. Just might have to convey that this is what you really want to do with your life. Good luck.
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    How do you sleep discreetly in a large city?

    It's usually best to go to the outskirts of town and try your luck there instead of the city. I usually just take a bus or train out and find a place near the stop, usually a wooded area. If I absolutely have to stay in a city, it's always abandoned buildings, churches, or roofs of businesses...
  13. Satanic Botanic

    Adverse Possesion Eco-Village Project in Pittsburgh PA

    Also interested in this. Going up to Pittsburgh in a couple months. Would love to check it out.
  14. Satanic Botanic

    New to Traveller culture, help needed.

    Honestly, considering you're brand spanking new, I would just read the Matt's book first then come back with any questions. The world of travel is vast. His book is great for beginners.
  15. Satanic Botanic

    Veganism and what it can mean for you!

    The two main arguments I see criticizing veganism is that it's expensive/not accessible to the poor and it's still vulnerable to the evils of capitalism. Which are fair arguments. You go to a vegan cafe compared to a non-vegan cafe and 9/10 times the vegan cafe is gonna be more expensive...

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