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    Traveling with accordion

    I have a huge accordion. I’m gonna leave it with someone and find a small one I can just fit in my pack. And just like never own any clothes again I guess
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    Traveling with accordion

    im traveling with a huge 120 bass accordion. It’s really nice and was gifted to me so I really don’t wanna downsize :( I was pulling it behind me on a suitcase with wheels but after a while the wheels fell off and so did the handle. Wondering if anyone here manages to do it, and how so? My...
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    Just hitch hikes the 395! Kind of worried about the lack of rain. Gonna be a bad fire season...

    Just hitch hikes the 395! Kind of worried about the lack of rain. Gonna be a bad fire season this summer
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    New to this

    hey so I am fed up with capitalism so I just bought a bike and am planning on traveling. I used to live in my station wagon but have never lived on the road. Being a CIs woman, who's 21 and 5'4, I'm kind of scared so I was thinking of getting a dog? Any advice is super welcome, since I am super...
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    Getting around big sur

    If you go to big sur from the north side its open. i was there last year

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