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    Albert Lea MN?

    You'd be way better off hitching up i-35 into the twin cities.
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    My hitchhiking summer gear

    Hammock with tarp > Tent
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    Yoho A Carribean Life for me...

    There's ways to get there without a passport, it'll cost ya though.
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    Yoho A Carribean Life for me...

    Cuba is honestly a way safer bet.
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    Dude I in Minneapolis I've thought of doing this for awhile. Just hard to find info on.
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    Gear list

    You seem to be questioning yourself a lot, I've found that while traveling you just gotta say fuck it and learn by experience. Take what you think you'll need and you'll learn what was and wasn't necessary.
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    Blow out/ditch kit

    Can of fuckin fix a flat, some flares, beef jerky, and a god damn steel reserve
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    Newbies looking to Hitchhike cross-country! ?

    I got a couch for y'all in Minneapolis Minnesota if you pass through!
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    1996 Chevy Suburban

    Anyone live out of a suburban before?
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    Rubber Tramping Vehicle of Choice

    I just acquired a 1996 Chevy Suburban with about 270k on her, should work just fine.
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    Favorite Hitching Routes

    What are your favorites routes and destinations? Most fun cities?
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    Hitching with more than one person?

    How much less viable is hitching with two people? Do you get less rides? Is it worth it?
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    Where to safely leave your pack if needed?

    I've had success just zip tying my shit to pipes under bridges or just about any obscure piece of metal out of sight and out of mind.
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    New to stp

    Welcome !
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    Your First Time On The Road?

    IN all honesty, just fuckin go at it. 100% winging never fails.