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  • Probably won't make it out to Eureka, since I'm doin the train thing to Roseville, we won't be going down the coast really. Where ya goin after Humboldt?
    Pretty fuckin well, I'm headin out for Roseville on Saturday with a few buddies of mine, meeting up with a friend down there, then I have absolutely no idea what I'll do after that. Haha so yeah, I'm havin fun. You?
    Sounds good to me =) should be leaving for the south in about a week and a half. I'll let you know if I make it to Eureka. I PMd you my phone number.
    Might be ridin down into CA in a few weeks actually. I'm leaving on the 4th or 5th probably, so it'll be a minute, but I'll make it down there. Haven't ridden down south by myself before, but I'll figure it out. Need to get a phone of some kind though, I've been missing mine. Makes it much more difficult to get specific info about yards and shit. You been riding for a while?
    Sacramento isn't doing too well for me honestly, so I'm moving to Ashland Or next month. How's humboldt? I have a friend living there right now.
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