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  • You traveling East this summer in any way? We have yet to meet up, and I'm living in the VERY host-friendly "Orange House" for most of the summer, saving up cash for travel next year. I might head out in a few weeks if I find a nice window of time for it, not sure where yet, but am otherwise just looking to maximize my life at this kickass place a while longer. If you need a place to crash in Winnipeg, let me know.
    Found myself stuck on hwy 36 in trinity county for the past 2 months. No complaints, I think I have found my own little slice of paridise.
    reached ontario a few days ago, its time to hit the the east coast after a few day sleeping in a bed.i forgot how good it feeles
    This is Quincy. Are you the same guy from BC that messaged me about finding the freethinkers in the Phils? If so, glad to see you found this place.
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