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    hello you. i'm actually not in knoxville anymore. i'm up in alaska right now. are you in that...

    hello you. i'm actually not in knoxville anymore. i'm up in alaska right now. are you in that nice and sunny tennessee state right now?
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    Moped the planet... lol

    I've thought about doing this before, and while researching it I came across this thread about a guy who travelled to 32 states on his ruckus. TotalRuckus :: View topic - The Adventures of Wan - Rucking Across the US! [Part 1] It seems that with a long distance trip on a scooter, you would...
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    mandolin/ banjo music

    Someone else already recommended it but I will second Roscoe Holcomb. He's probably my favorite banjo player. He has his own way of playing that sounds like he has three other banjo players playing, too. He's also an incredible singer. And as far as mandolin, the only person I can really think...
  4. ruther

    sites to download old punk albums

    It's not the safest route, but you can always search mediafire by searching "site:Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire 'artist name'" on google! that's usually what I use.
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    Pg. 99 playing Document #8 in its entirety at Best Friends Day

    shit! this is exciting news. one of my friends has one of their album covers tattooed on his arm!
  6. ruther

    90s Emo????

    Actually, I just recently made this mix for someone as an introduction to the genre:
  7. ruther

    90s Emo????

    Most definitely! Indian Summer and Moss Icon are two of my favorite bands. I'm always so anxious about turning people onto this style of music because the connotation that comes with the word 'emo.' But anyway, so much good music!
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    ATTN: Travelers

    Sounds awesome. I was planning to come through there this summer.
  9. ruther

    "yuppie" tents

    I've been using a tarptent from Tarptent Ultralight Shelters They're pretty expensive, but they're definitely worth it. They're extremely lightweight, less than 2 pounds usually and they're really strong. I have the rainbow right now, (there's also a double rainbow lol) but I can set the tent up...
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    Sleeping bag question!

    I would recommend getting a sleeping bag that would be a little cold for the coldest nights you'll have. That way, you can just layer up in those colder nights, but when it's hot outside, you could just leave the bag unzipped or strip down to your skivvies.
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    anyone know any brand names of good sleeping bags?

    I just got a Marmot trestle 0 degree bag a few weeks ago, and I love it. It's a mummy bag, but it still had a lot of room inside it, if you twist and turn in the night.
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    Sleeping Pads / Ground Insulation

    I've always used a Big Agnes insulated inflatable pad. It's a bit pricey, I think $60 for a new one, but you could try ebay or this forum ( Gear Swap -- BackpackingLight Forums ) My only complaint with it is that it does take a while to completely let out all of the air, but I've found a decent...
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    Christopher from Eastern Tennessee.

    Nice to meet you, too. Do you have any of your photos online? I would like to pick your brain sometime about the possible dangers in taking photos while you're wandering.
  14. ruther

    Christopher from Eastern Tennessee.

    I've prowled around this website for a while, but this is my first contribution. I'm from a small town in Tennessee, just outside of Knoxville. My travelling experience is limited, but very few minutes go by that the idea isn't active in my noggin'. Last August I drove north to Alaska for a few...

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