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    Free Love and Orgies?

    lol, I've heard that one before ;)
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    Are some people on the road celibate?

    I feel like i meet a lot of people traveling that are asexual but thats a bit different from celibate; "An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Unlike celibacy, which people choose, asexuality is an intrinsic part of who someone is." Asexuality - AVENwiki -...
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    RIP Asher 'Bishu'

    man that all sounds just like him, but honestly im not 100 percent that was so many drunken years ago. but also i hope its not and that your homie is still out there alive n well. Ill lyk if anyone can confirm thats him, he died just a couple months ago. Log into Facebook | Facebook -...
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    RIP Asher 'Bishu'

    His dad is from texas, where bishu was living at the time Dallas/Ft worth last i heard, his mom was from Rhode Island (close to NY) which is where we met. He also had family in Libya where he lived for a few years teaching ESL. He traveled a bit though, i had bumped into his gf in nola a few...
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    RIP Asher 'Bishu'

    I'll never forget the light in their eyes and mischievous smile. Had a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts together. Another piece of my heart has creeped out of existence. I love you 'Asherbashirkhalifamuhammed' You are loved and you are missed</3
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    Worst State to Hitch Through?

    Fuck florida and fuck ohio. Im from new england and have caught rides pretty quickly around here. Pheonix is right, do not hitch on the interstate, cops will stop u anywhere but they take hitchin on the highway pretty serious. Ive also not have any luck at "rest stops" been kicked out of them...
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    cross-country gym membership

    I always wondered what the deal is with truck stop showers but i saw this, Lol Maybe askin a nice trucker for a shower inna pinch? I guess they can get em free, otherwise it sounds pretty steep.
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    Ybor Tampa February 11, 2016

    i think i met those same kids, was a chick and like 3 dudes. i was partying there on the 13th and 14th. if the chick had a sweet leather jacket its likely cuz i remember suggesting we fight for it and just kissing a bunch after. rolled around on some skateboards but mostly the ground. they slept...
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    Owning land?

    If i knew the difference id be rich. I had a lawyer try to explain it to me once. He barely understood it himself. There are special lawyers and special layers of bull shit you have to go through to get a property through a tax deed. But heres what im referring to...
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    Owning land?

    I've seen a bunch of undeveloped land (what i usually look at) on and the like for 100$ but they are usually tax sale, and not and actual title for the land. As far as michigan i guess theyre just really trying to get people to move into those homes theyre demolishing everyday...
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    Owning land?

    Not on the fb. But thanks for the recommendation. Electric seems nice but not crucial. Ive seen a lot of peeps work off a generator when getting started. I guess its about if someones going to come around and be like "hey you gotta get on the grid" or "shitting in a hole is a public saftey...
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    Owning land?

    Thats sick, what part of the us are you in? Seems location is crucial on the getting fucked with level. Yea its good 2 kno the codes for structures, like building something like a shed to crash in. So long as it doesnt have a foundation or exceed a certain amount of sq ft. What kind of pack...
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    Jarle Andhøy sails to Antarctica

    Hey guys, I've been reading up a bit about Antarctica, as an explorer its piqued my interest. Its seems to hold a lot that is unexplored or inaccessible. I have little sailing experience myself, but i figured i'd turn you unto this punk motherfucker...
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    News & Blogs Homeless Man Arrested For Living in 15-Foot-Deep Man-Made Cave

    Lol cops destroy his property and he gets charged? Just morally wrong.
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    Owning land?

    A little rant, Hey guys, been on and off the road for 10 years now. Seeing new places, meeting amazing people and experiencing new cultures. Always at the bottom of this travel I've been searching for a place to exist whether its a minute, a night or a month. In my wandering I've found that I'm...