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  • Damn, sounds like you had quite the adventure. I really want to haul my ass out to Denver or Santa Cruz soon. So tired of being stuck in crappy Los Angeles. What's Rhode Island like this time of year?
    I haven't been anywhere. I think I am going to try to plan a little getaway trip soon but I can't be gone for too much longer than a week. So that makes things difficult. Did you have a good time in Florida?
    hey i was creeping on the florida post and seen you wanna hop out of philly to florida. me too, i'm in south philly right now, did you leave yet? alot of bad shit has been going down for me and i need to fucking go. i've hopped before and all that shit blah blah blah. get back to me.
    well if you like hip hop, my boyfriend talked immortal technique into playing at our house, but we dont know when it is yet, but probably some time in the next few months.
    Ah. Yeah, that kid and I stopped getting a long and quit traveling together in Indiana. Don't know where he is these days.
    I will PM ya Gabe's number.
    Yeah i dont think theres a pizza place there anymore. We have brooklyn natural, a falafel place, and a wine store right when you get off at our stop. Or some little bodegas and stuff but I dont think theres any pizza or we'd have been hittin it up every night haha
    Dude... you are never going to believe this. I got a text from Gabe today! We are talkin', I haven't spoke to the kid for months since I was last in Tennessee. How bizarre! He said if you want his number, I should give it to you. I am sure if you pass through Nashville again, he'd like to hear from you.
    Anywho, I have been alright. Back in California for a bit. Was my traveling pal at the time a guy with face tats?
    well its kind of like a warehouse type space that i lived in. it was off the morgan stop on the L train? haha if that helps at all?
    no ive never been there, but i did live in new york city for a bit, and have been on the west coast and midwest. maybe from there some time?
    Haha, hell yeah I remember you! How've you been and whatcha up to these days?
    I haven't talked to Gabe since I was in Nashville my second time around, I should definitely give him a call.
    yo ma, where you headed in fl?
    Hm, I was in Nashville a couple months ago, so it is pretty likely. Was I playing washboard on Broadway, possibly with a tall skinny local named Gabe?
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