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  • just got back from canada deported again..fuck em at least im back in the land of cheap whiskey and beer
    Yo kid, it's zack. When you leaving PA? It'd be good to chill again before you take off.
    yo greg this is cory from mass.
    hows things going in PA?
    i'll be here in mass working till mid/late spring, you should give me a buzz if you make it up here before then and well hang out. hope yer good.
    damn dude thats fuckin rough. im out west too, fuckin i guess ill hit that fucker up man, stay warm man its been a cold winter
    yo dude whats good?
    fuckin got strung out in chi, im out west fuckin about to be workin in yreka for a bit, workin off a truck and trailor n shit
    where you at man? ya still rolling wirh greisha?
    help help come and get me, im in the bushes by the trailer park, threw the gun in the river, i dont care if you got a hog in the oven, put the kids to bed theyll be ok, hhelp help me gotta come git me help help
    Yo its good old Murf from the Maggots , remember me? You still in philly, im hittin the tracks to seattle before the end of the summer and I need a roadawg. I had you in mind. Hit me up if your interested , its gonna be a great trip. I need someone, cause outside of kentuky im lost , and i would like a second opionion
    hey you know evan and alex? i hang out with them often in harrisburg at their place they just got and i remember them mentioning a "revo" was planning on coming up to hang out. did it happen to be you? if so, hows it going?
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