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Jan 12, 2018
Jan 12, 2018
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Squatter activist anarchist fairy maker


Just signed up, Female,

London, England, United Kingdom
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Jan 12, 2018
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    Squatter activist anarchist fairy maker
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    Half and half
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    He / Him
    music,massage ,organising, photoshop, graphic design ,
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    flute ,doronb
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    fuck the Politricks
    Heya My name is petra i doing squatter activism I am based in London at this moment.
    We are occupying buildings ,lands to help the community to fight for the lousing underground culture , to stand for social housing against the gentrification with making community centres what is based on compassion,creativity ,free workshops ,and giving people a place to be without asking for money.Giving free coffee tea food if you in need but we do use donation .
    Helping to stand against homelessness by opening more places
    Also there is so many shit happening with the Beautiful nature caused by Fracking and Hs2 example or The Heathrow airport expansion
    We have an 8 year old land occupation against heathrow airport expansion,we are tickling the idea of sustainability ,we have ,solar ,wind power , 12 Volt pedal powered soundsystem ,quite cool composting system ,lots of recycle house ,and vegetables .We are neighbours of an other protest site The stop Hs2 occupation, here activists and locals try to stop the mindless more then 50£ million costing train line from london to Birmingham because they gonna fucking kill of more than 100 woods with all the wild life circa let`s say 10000 trees gonna be gone if they successful with them ignorant plan .
    2) I have a project what is called #TheSolidarityProject : So it is a call out 2 days event when you can come down share your skill by workshop with other activist crews who participating this is helping to build up a web between each other ,to hold easier the connection
    Also have the Solidarity wall what is an exhibition about environmental ,animal,human right ,squatting activism for 40 years
    There is the activist forum here we can talk ,you can share if shit hit the fence in form of eviction or you have and idea ,you need help,bodies for your thing :)
    This project will be always based in squats ,occupation what is in need of help
    Thats it
    ui:I just wanna squat your house
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