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    No problem. Let me know. Rise went to Louisville.
    Hope you guys are doing ok, I've tried calling you for the past two days and have just gotten the voice mail. I love you.
    i dont think so! can't find a ride! i talked to gareth today when i randomly met up with him and another friend and told him about how i couldn't get a ride up there. didn't offer any help.... i got a ride to asheville for sunday though, and i'm kinda psyched about that. i randomly talked to an old friend of mine on friday and his friend from asheville's in town and willing to bring me up there and possible find me a place to crash for a few i'm probably gonna be up there for a week or so...i do want to get to charlotte and chill with you for a bit though.
    So you plannin' on making some chili for the gathering, are ya?
    I pitched Widerstand the idea of collaborating on a huge pot of chili; perhaps we could do a three-way collabo, or we could do a three-way competition...
    The choice is yours!
    If ur close, give us a shout and we'll kick it an afternoon! Ya'll got this waystation up here, too. Also, if u need shit to furnish or build, let me know as I do all the clean-outs for the foreclosures here and keep a pile of shit!
    when u gonna head out? just got back from the waystation in sd. shoe took off for tx.
    most likely you saw me at a show in columbia; i've only been to one show in charlotte and that was last september
    Yeah, Charlotte is right down the street. Need info on it?
    thinking back, you do look really familiar... you going to the STP gathering? it'd jog my memory better in person
    hey, read through the grapevine you might be heading to the STP meeting in April? which route are you taking ? I'm leaving from Maine if that crosses yer path i could use a travel mate
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