I copy pasted this shit from a profile i had on a dating website. i have no time for thinking about who or what i am.

at least not on the internet.

"How will you live your life so that it does not make a mockery of your values?"

I have a hard time rationalizing my use of the internet. It conflicts with most of my views and values. One day I'll abandon it all together. Until then, I've gotta get laid somehow, right?

I've spent a good bit of my adult life on the road. I am again in the process of unlocating to a veggie run school bus. I will then set out to roam the continent to find that elusive "home". If your community needs more dirty kids, get in touch, we'll see how quick I can be there.

I listen to a lot of anti authoritarian garbage. I think I'm tough shit. I spend most of my time reading, writing, gardening, and trying my hand at other antisocial endeavors. You could tie me down to the Anarcho Primitivist title, but I really wish you'd just call me Becca.

I correspond by post more often that e-mail. I need more pen pals.