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  • hey sister! its pony spit.sorry i was to sober to talk to you at HOH. hope i catch you again somewhere.
    summer x, slanky you me and bone should do the world.
    ewwwwww fuck I hope I don't have it

    but we cuddled! and aren't you pretty sure you have it?
    Yea I know I shouuuld. But I never do what I should. dur. anarchy. I figured it was better to do what I could asap. we shall see. hopefully I dont even have it. fuckin us crust kids.
    also- check the craigslist missed connections, i posted a silly one about scabies and then a couple people flipped out haha
    I got the creme tonight for 8 bux, still have some if you need some.
    think i hafta wait til friday to do laundry
    oh haaaaaay. fancy meetin you here. What are your summer plans? wanna go on some trips? like even just short 3-4 day jaunts?
    Damn, what's a census job? I'm moving back to RVA in jan. to work at a school for autism, hopefully. Maybe we'll run into each other around town.
    I am leading an alternate life downtown, 4 blocks from Caroline St, working at Sammy T's and selling $2000 vacuum cleaners on the side. Don't you live in Stafford or something?
    I'll pretty much always come back to RVA :) it was good meeting you to. hopefulyl your foot is better. That weekend was so jammed packed it was insane.
    Haha, it's all good! I'm glad I got to meet you, and I wish we could have hung out more. I'm sure I'll be there eventually; I love RVA!
    ha don't know if I gave you my phone number but 703 309 4131, text me or something, you may see us somewhere flying a sign that says "Too Ugly to Prostitute", we've been having somewhat good luck.......
    I am profoundly disappointed to announce my inglorious return to Richmond, hit me up if you're gonna be around next week lol
    so i dont think im gonna be going to firefly. by they way if you're from rva do you know raven & sylvia?
    gettin the hell outta ohio with a buddy finally! then the convergence and then whatever from there, just travelin round i guess, south america sounds nice...
    hey, just pm me your number closer to the bestfriends day thingy so me you and ian can meet up.

    im so excited!
    Got a friend, Rise, up in Louisville. Might look him up on the site. Good people!
    Hey, I was thinking of taking up trumpet! Probably get a pocket trumpet, easier to strap to my backpack and travel with...
    Had a friend, Maya, who was in Fredericksburg for a while (most her life); moved to Louisville late last year; a bit older than you, but perhaps you know her? Likely someone in your circles does...
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